Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FISH Forth V1.5 - LPC1114 Updated Support - LPC812 Updated Support

Clyde has updated FISH Forth to Version 1.5. He has made some improvements. I'm just going to cover the major ones. There are now two versions of the FISH Forth for the LPC812. One is the full FISH suite and has 1K of Flash available for storing user programs. The other is a slightly reduced FISH (reductions noted in the documentation) that can hold 2K of user programs. The LPC812 has 4K of RAM space giving about 1 1/2K of user RAM space.

There is also a new FISH Forth for the LPC1114. It covers the versions of the LPC1114 (and likely the LPC1115 when we test it) that have 8K of RAM. The LPC1114 that we have tested has 32K of Flash (16K of program space) and 8K of RAM (giving about 5 1/2K of user RAM space). All the older versions of our software (that don't have known fatal bugs) are still available.

I will be providing links to all our hardware and software in another post which will be permanently on the sidebar.

Clyde has a link he will be using to post all new version of FISh and associated software and different processor versions. FISH File Folders.

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