Sunday, August 17, 2014

TTL to USB 22April2014

The TTL to USB board is a board that can interface to a USB computer port and deliver UART serial communications to any device that can accept them. Interface voltages between 5.25V and 1.8V can be handled by feeding the appropriate voltage. to the VI designated pins on J1 or J2. J1 is an 8 pin header that delivers TxD and RxD only. J2 adds CTS and RTS for hardware flow control.

You can find complete documentation (schematic, parts list, PCB board layout) for the board at TTL to USB 22April2014 - Doc.

This board is available from OSH Park for $5.10 each.

We have some boards in development that use this board for interfacing to allow software development. You can also use this board with flying jumpers to connect any board (such as Code Red boards) to a USB port.

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