Sunday, April 27, 2014

New FISH - LPC812 Support

There is a new release of FISH Forth software that now includes LPC812 support and LPC1114 support. I will be announcing some new hardware to go with this software over the next week. Update: The new hardware is here.

Directions for downloading the code into any NXP processor (only some of them will work) can be found at loading FISH and other LPC1114 information.

V1.4 can be found here.

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  1. Multiple Line comments and better performance interpreting and compiling are features of this release.

  2. The glossary is modernized by an emphasis on including example usage of many elementary words.
    A turnkey word and FLASH_SAVE are standard.
    See the v1.3 glossary!

  3. WORDS seems to group words by classes and supports a header comment. How is this neat feature implemented?

    1. The WORDCAT feature simply creates a NFA with embedded cr/lf for formatiing these as a new group of words under this named category. With a standard LFA it can be placed in a standard dictionary.

      With a WORDCAT definition starting with a cr/lf's sequence normal dictionary search will never find/execute these words.

  4. Test to see if adding a comment is different that a reply!