Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Load Electronic Small 555

You can read about the purpose of this board and how it works at ECN Magazine - Low power, low-cost testing.

To order the files for this design ($6.00 US) Click the button below.

Files include
1. Schematic - png double normal size
2. Schematic - design file Tiny CAD format
3. Bill of Materials - Open Office format
4. Gerbers - board size 1" by 3"

A Free Gerber Viewer
The Free Board Design Software I Use - FreePCB

This is a license to use the files to make up to 12 boards. If you want to make more contact me. Please note that you agree to make 12 or fewer in your message when you order. You may not resell the boards. If you want to do that contact me.

And the usual disclaimer: we do not warrant these files as fit for any purpose what so ever.

You might like the board service mentioned here for small quantity production. There is no NRE.

Not available in Illinois (we don't collect sales tax)