Monday, February 15, 2010

Z-80 Emulators

A page of Z80 Emulators.

I particularly like Z80-CPU-Emulator (V 5.2b) Full version, Z80 and/or CP/M 2.2 Emulator, By : Joan Riff

I have used the earlier version (3.10) it and it works well. The last time I used it on a PC I got a simulated speed of 25 MHz (IIRC). I tried it with my 2 GHz PC and I got an off the scale reading.

Here is a book I have used. I wonder if I still have my old copy?

Z-80 and 8080 assembly language programming (Hayden computer programming series)

I like the author of this book. I haven't read the book.

Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming

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